Step 9 - Early submissions, and completing other applications

Step 9 is completing any final tasks for early applications like submitting test scores, meeting with counselors, revising essays, and officially submitting all early decision or early action applications by firm deadlines. Work continues on any regular applications not yet complete while awaiting early application decisions.

  1. Submit Test Scores - For early applications, submit any last standardized test scores and have scores officially sent by the testing body/company.

  2. Counsellor Meeting - Meet with your counsellor to review early application materials, essays, activities list, supplements, and deadlines. Get feedback!

  3. Finalize Early Writing - Make final revisions to your main statements essay and supplements for early applications based on counsellor feedback.

  4. Complete Early Applications - Finish filling out portals, submit payments, assign recommenders, finalize supplementals, and submit early applications.

  5. Submit Early Apps - Officially submit early decision/early action applications before deadlines. Confirm receipt.

  6. Regular Apps - Continue drafting components for regular decision applications not yet complete. Follow timeline.