Step 8 - Verify and Confirm

Step 8 is tying up any loose ends with testing, re-verifying all details and deadlines, completing supplementary application materials, and confirming readiness for upcoming early deadlines. It ensures all tasks are completed and materials submitted by rigid early app deadlines. Any remaining regular decision apps continue progressing on schedule.

  1. Standardized Testing - Take any final standardised test retakes. Submit scores to universities once received if deadlines allow.

  2. Re-Confirm Details - Double-check application requirements, procedures, supplementals, and deadlines for each shortlisted university as deadlines approach.

  3. Re-Confirm List - With deadlines nearing, take one last pass to re-confirm that shortlisted universities contain your top choices.

  4. Confirm Early Apps - For any early decision/early action deadlines, confirm materials are ready by the deadline. Create a schedule for submissions.

  5. Complete Supplements - Finish all supplementary essays, questionnaires, videos, and portfolios required by each shortlisted university. Where you can, tailor the documentation you produce to each university.

  6. Regular Apps - For regular decision deadlines further out, note dates and ongoing tasks. Adjust timeline if needed.