Step 6 - Solidifying your short list

Step 6 is carrying out your summer plans and solidifying your short list. Continuing with demonstrating interest, testing, interviews, and evaluations of your choices. You now need to have a clear idea of the universities you have selected for applications. 

  1. Execute Summer Plans - Carry out all the summer plans made in Step 4, including campus visits, test prep, job/internships, volunteering, resume building, etc. Maximize these opportunities to meet the very people that will be reviewing your application.

  2. Confirm Short List - With the additional information gained over the summer, re-evaluate and confirm the final short list of colleges that you will be applying to. You want to be ready to go when your start your final year.

  3. Campus Visits - Tour top choice campuses on the shortlist, attend info sessions, and immerse in student life. If needed, revisit favorite campuses. Virtual is ok.

  4. Interviews - Complete any admissions interviews offered by the shortlisted colleges. These are one of the few opportunities to sell yourself. It can be a nervous affair but very much worth it. Be prepared, professional, and personable. Send thank you notes after.

  5. Standardized Testing - I will be honest, these are not my favourite thing as some of them can get in the way of your highschool academics. But for you, they might be necessary. Take any final standardized test retakes planned for the summer. Submit scores to universities once received.