Step 1 - Who are you?

Step 1 is to set the student up for success in the application process through planning, reflection, understanding responsibilities, and gathering materials needed to present themselves effectively and accurately to university. It lays the groundwork and organization for the process ahead.

  1. Signing the Agreement; This is an agreement, really between you and yourself (and your parents) that says you will commit to the process and processes needed to make a good application

  2. Why have a CV. Well, simply put, it is an opportunity for you to put the main important attributes that you have into one place that is easy to read and review. You will not be expected to have loads on it. But you do have grades, you do have hobbies, you do have interests. Some of you will have had jobs or done some volunteering, or had some amazing experiences. You will have countries you've visited. That sort of thing. More importantly, it gives you a document that you can refer to later. AND, give to universities when they come to visit.

  3. Thought questions are designed to provoke students to discover a bit more about who they are, what they like, and most importantly, what they do not like

  4. Creating a personalised timeline is really, an opportunity for students to look through all the various bits that go into making a good application