Step 2 - How does it work, what will I need?

Step 2 is to thoroughly understand the admissions process, reflect on fit through assessments, learn about effective applications, and evaluate one's own candidacy. This equips the student to put together the strongest application showcasing their unique personality and interests.

  1. Understanding how the admissions process works; It is really important to understand that the universities you want to apply to, have 100's if not 1000's (some several thousands) of applications every year. Knowing how it the process works will help you plan better and make a better application.

  2. Self Assessments; What do you like? What do you not like? Where do you want to live? What things are really important to you? Taking some time to think about these questions will help you and your parents make better choices.

  3. Reviewing the components of your application; Depending where you are planning to apply, the documents and work you need to produce can vary greatly. Knowing what they are early, can improve your planning and application.

  4. Assessing how to be a strong candidate; Knowing what will really help your application is vital. I can say right now that your grades are probably the number one factor to get as good as you can