Step 12 - You are in control

Step 12 is seeing your application process through to completion, tracking results and feedback, making final enrollment decisions, handling waitlists properly, and taking care of post-offer/acceptance tasks like visas, accommodation, deposits, etc. It might not feel like it but, you are the one now making the decisions and you are the one in control.

  1. Track Applications - Frequently check portals and your emails for regular decision application updates. Monitor correspondence, interview invites, missing items.

  2. Stay Engaged - This is MOST IMPORTANT. Maintain focus on academics and extracurriculars throughout senior year. Colleges want to see strong finish.

  3. Make Decisions - As admission decisions arrive, weigh pros and cons of each acceptance and make final enrolment decision. Get help and advice from your family and counsellor. Often they can see things you cannot.

  4. Pay Deposits - By May 1st deadline if you are applying to the USA, accept offer and submit enrolment deposits to chosen university. If it is only the USA you have applied to you will need to decline other admissions.

  5. Manage Waitlists - If waitlisted, send letter of continued (demonstrated) interest. Be prepared to deposit quickly if accepted later. Have backup plans, getting accepted of a waitlist is not guaranteed.

  6. Evaluate Offers - If accepted to numerous universities, thoroughly compare all offers before depositing (USA) as placeholder. You may still be waiting if you've applied to universities global. But, make ethical final decision.

  7. Confirm Visas - International students should be proactive confirming student visa status for college enrolment. Start this process early.